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  1.  Insulting, Racist, National Socialist, or Discriminatory Statements, as well as Sexual Harassment or Actions, NO MATTER in What Form, Are To Be Refrained From.

  2. “Hacking”, “Cheating”, “Bug Abuse” or “Exploit Abuse” is Absolutely FORBIDDEN. Players who can be proven to have used hacks, cheats, and the like on other DayZ Servers will also be subject to appropriate sanctions.

  3. Whoever plays together with a Convicted “Hacker” Will be Punished just like the “hacker” himself.

  4. If you SUSPECT A HACKER, then STAY CALM and Open A Ticket. DO NOT POST IT IN PUBLIC CHAT! Present your evidence. So an Admin can observe and watch the situation given to them. But remember, there is always a player who is better than you!

  5. “Bugs” Are To Be Reported IMMEDIATELY to the Admin Server Team. Please Open a Ticket and DO NOT USE the Global Chat!

  6. Advertising of ANY KIND is PROHIBITED. With the Exception of: Streams & YouTube. Please Use The Predefined Discord Channel.

  7. Stream Sniping is FORBIDDEN!

  8. Follow The Instructions of the Server Admins.

  9. It is FORBIDDEN to publish the position of other players or bases.

  10. Combat-logging is FORBIDDEN. If you get disconnected during a fight, you must log back in as soon as possible.

  11. Duping is FORBIDDEN!

  12. Any Movement Of Your Character That Is Obviously Not Intended To Be Done Will Be Considered “Bug Abuse”. (Moonwalking, Sliding, …)

  13. In the chat, only English

  14. We will Refund your Lost items only with Video Proof. This also includes Vehicles and Helicopters lost by server issues.

  15. It is not allowed to log out in a foreign territory.

  16. If a Pure Re-log is necessary, you have to log in again as soon as possible.

  17. Excessively Camping a Base will be punished.

  18. It is forbidden to constantly attack the same Clan Base.

  19. Provocative or Toxic Behavior Towards the Server Team or other players will void the right for support.

  20. Support is ONLY Available via Discord Ticket. Private Letters From the Admins will be Ignored, if it is a Support Case.

  21. Parked Vehicles/Helicopters MUST NOT Be Destroyed arbitrarily.

  22. In Case Of Trade Between 2 Parties (player – player, player – clan, clan – clan, …) the Deal Must Be Kept. No One May Be Robbed In Any Way.


  • Safe Zone Camping is PROHIBITED. This includes Tracking from the Safe Zone.

  • Playing Music in a Safe Zone is Allowed, but RESPECT Those Around You!

  • Blocking of Traders/Automats is to be REFRAINED from.

  • Vehicles/Helicopters from other Players/Squads Must NOT Be Stolen!

  • No Items May Be Stolen From the Vehicle Inventories of other Players/Squads.

  • Items Lying On The Ground Are FREE for Everyone. Therefore, Please Take Care Of Your Items. We Are Not Responsible For Dropped Items.

  • It is FORBIDDEN To Store Vehicles/Helicopters in the Safe Zone for more than 24hrs. Trader Safe Zone is 250m


  • Base building is allowed anywhere it works, Except:

    • Within 1000M of a Safe Zone

    • Within 800M of (Helicopter and Black Market) Traders

    • Within 800M of Military Zones

    • Within 500M of Cement Mixers

    • Within 300m of Police Stations

  • Building on Roads is Prohibited.

  • Building on the Water is Forbidden.

  • There Must Always Be a Way to Raid Your Base. If this is not the case, an Admin can "Delete" a Wall.

  • Sky Bases are Forbidden. Bases must always "Look Realistic" in terms of Stability. If the Base has No Supporting Structure Under it and is deemed "impossible", it will be Classified as a 'Sky Base' at the discretion of an Admin and deleted!

  • Please make sure that you build as performance-friendly as possible. We ask the Maximum foot printer to be no larger than 20 squares. (Player Build Structures)

    • The Maximum Height of a Base is 3 Wall Elements or 2 from the Top of an In-Game Structure.

    • You are Permitted to Take Over 2 In-Game Structures

  • A Maximum of 15 Code Locks and 25 Storage Containers are Allowed Per Base. You MUST Be Able to Walk Between Airlocks.

  • There is a 1 Base Limit Per Player, Building requires a Land Claim (protecting 100m radius), and Territory Flag (60m) Protecting Items From De-spawning.

  • You are Allowed to Own 2 Vehicles (Helicopters Are Considered Vehicles)

  • It is NOT Allowed to place a wall element/gate in front of a tent entrance.

  • If you suspect that you have been raided against the rules, please open a ticket in Discord.

    • Keep Screenshots and Videos. We will NOT Reimburse You Without Proof.


  • Clans Are Allowed a MAXIMUM of 8 Members Per Group.

  • Allies Are Allowed, But Can't Share Base Resources (Code Lock Passcodes, Storage Containers)

  • Clan Groups Are Allowed a MAXIMUM Of 4 Vehicles (Helicopters Are Considered A Vehicle)


  • Raiding Needs To Be Done In a REALISTIC Way. NO STACKING of ANY ITEMS, Floating Objects, Dismantling Through Walls or Objects, etc.

  • You May Buddy Boost (Stand On a Friend's Head), Build Watchtowers, Stand On Top of Vehicles, etc. To Get Over Walls And Into Bases That Are Not Secured With a Roof. There is NO LIMIT To Player Stacking.

  • Object Boosting is Only allowed with a maximum of one additional object.

  • While raiding do not lock tents, doors, gates with your own locks. Do not build or place any items to block access to the base at any time. A base may not be taken over.

  • During a raid, you are allowed to continue building. Please pay attention to the rule “- There must always be a possibility to raid your base….”!

  • You ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BLOCK ENTRANCES to Anyone's Base. This Includes, But Not Limited To (Tents, Doors, Gates, Gun Cabinets)

  • Please take only the items you really need. The pure emptying of a base will be punished.

  • It is allowed to raid via helicopter.

  • You are not allowed to log out in a base that doesn't belong to you.

  • It is FORBIDDEN to Move Through Windows Where it is Obviously NOT POSSIBLE to Go Through. (In Case of Bars etc. *Please See Picture Below)

  • NO GRIEFING Of Vehicles, Helicopters, Territory Flags, and Land Claim.

    • If You Have The Keys To The Vehicle You Are Free To Do What You Want With It!

 ✻NOTE: Recording a Raid Is Completely Optional, But RECOMMENDED.


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Server Wipes Occur Every 2 Months. Admins and Automated Bots Will Always Inform and Remind All Players Of Upcoming Server Wipes. Providing the Dates and Times of Upcoming Server Wipes. It is NOT the Admin's Responsibility To Inform Each Player/Person Individually. If You Have Any Questions You're More Than Welcome To Ask a Community Member or Open a Support Ticket in our Discord Server. 

  • ​​We Want All of Our Community to Fully Enjoy All of the Rewards of Being a Walmart Shopper Member. That Being Said We Created a "No Purchase Necessary" Option. Just By Being an Active Member of the Community/Server, You're Able to Access Donator Items! Purchasing a Membership Isn't Necessary; However Donations Are Always Helpful & Appreciated. 100% of All Donations Go Towards Further Growing the Community, Adding Additional Servers, Slots, and Upgrades...

By Becoming a Walmart Dayz Member Sponsor, You Accept and Acknowledge That You Understand and Agree to Abide By All of the Walmart Dayz Community Rules in Our Discord Channel As Well As the Membership Rules Mentioned Above.


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